Dixie State University

Exploring Majors

Degree and career exploration resources


Meeting with an academic advisor

We encourage you to contact and meet with the advisor for a major(s) you are interested in to discuss the program and career paths related to the degree. This doesn’t mean you have to declare that particular major at that time, but it is a good idea to learn as much as you can and have your questions answered by that particular major advisor. To locate the advisor in your department (potential major), go to “Who is my advisor?”

If you are undecided or confused about majors/degrees at DSU in general, and would like to spend some time with an advisor exploring various majors, we recommend you meet with an advisor in the Academic Advisement Center for a major exploration appointment to discuss the different majors and minors we offer at DSU and which degree may match your interests as well as your educational and personal goals.


Preparing for your major exploration appointment with an academic advisor

Below are several questions to consider before your major exploration appointment with an advisor. We encourage you to write down the answers to some or all of these questions and bring the information to your appointment. You could also submit this information via e-mail to the advisor prior to your scheduled appointment if you would prefer.

  1. What courses and subjects do you enjoy?
  2. What are your interests and hobbies?
  3. What clubs and activities are you involved in or would like to get involved in?
  4. If you could picture your dream job, how would you describe it?
  5. What are your academic and/or personal strengths?
  6. Please describe some of the goals you have set for yourself at DSU.
  7. What is important to you in a career – happiness, advancement potential, challenging work, money, work-life balance, status, minimal stress, etc.?
  8. What is challenging for you about deciding on a major at DSU and/or a career path?


Declaring your major

We strongly encourage that DSU students declare a major by the end of sophomore year (by the time a student earns 60 credits). You can either:

  • Declare your major with an advisor in the appropriate department. We highly recommend you do this as soon as possible. You can find the departmental advisors at the following link: “Who is my advisor?”
  • Set up a major exploration appointment with an advisor in the Academic Advisement Center by calling 435-652-7690.

NOTE: If your major is inaccurate, we encourage you to complete the online “Major Change Form” available through the DSU Registrar’s Office webpage or contact the appropriate advisor for that program.


The importance of declaring a major

In order to graduate, you will need to select a degree program (major). Selecting a major early allows you to establish a relationship with your departmental advisor, which means you can develop a graduation plan that fits your educational needs right from the start. The earlier you declare a major, the sooner you can benefit from potential perks of the program including departmental scholarship, undergraduate research opportunities, internship opportunities and student leadership positions within the department. Students who declare a major early typically save time and money – a big plus in college!


how to declare a major at DSU

You can either:

  • Meet with your departmental advisor. After your meeting, you should verify that your major is listed on your unofficial DSU transcript through your “My Dixie” account.
  • Complete the online “Major Change Form” and verify the change has been made to your unofficial DSU transcript.



NOTE: Please note that you may be required to meet with departmental advisor after your major has been changed through the form. Also, some majors require that you meet with the advisor (and not complete the online form).