Academic Standards

Dixie State University is an open-enrollment institution; because of this, all students with the desire to academically succeed are welcome to attend classes. However, each student must assume the responsibility to progress academically while attending the University.

What Are the Schools Academic Standards?

Students are considered to be in good standing with the institution as long as the student’s cumulative GPA remains above a 2.0. Remember, transfer credits carry the same academic weight as the credits earned at Dixie State University.

If a student’s cumulative GPA is below a 2.0, s/he will be placed on Academic Warning, Academic Probation, or Academic Suspension. Therefore, it is vital for students’ academic success that they keep or return their GPA to at least a 2.0 or higher. A student with a cumulative GPA below 2.0 cannot graduate from Dixie State University and may have holds placed on his/her accounts. Students should contact the Academic Advisement Center at (435) 652-7690 if their GPA falls below 2.0 to develop a plan of action for academic success.

Low academic status is a warning that a student’s GPA must be improved to remain at Dixie State University. It should also suggest that aid in course selection, better study habits, or personal counseling may be necessary. Categories of Low Academic Status:

  • Academic Alert: This occurs when a student’s semester GPA is below 2.0 but still cumulative GPA remains above a 2.0.
  • Academic Warning: This status will occur when a student’s semester GPA is below a 2.0 and their cumulative GPA falls below a 2.0.
  • Academic Probation: If a student on Academic Warning fails to raise his/her cumulative GPA above a 2.0, s/he is placed on Academic Probation. Students who find themselves on Academic Probation are be required by the institution to meet certain requirements to remain eligible for enrollment at Dixie State University.
  • Academic Suspension: If a student on Academic Probation does not achieve a 2.0 the semester or semesters following their probation, the student is suspended for at least one regular semester (fall or spring) and is required to petition the University for readmission.

At Dixie State University, there are many programs to help students who may be struggling academically. These programs range from free workshops offered to the whole student body to a one-credit class for students who need to sharpen their study and self-management skills. The following services are listed below to assist students who feel they need


Tutoring Center

All registered, degree-seeking DSC students have access to some form of tutoring. A tutor can assist in clarifying concepts and class material, and in improving study skills. Tutoring is FREE for all registered DSC students! It is located in the Browning Resource Center (located in the Browning Resource Cente).

Tutoring Center


Online Writing Center

The DSC OWL homepage will guide you to many sites that can assist you in your writing. You can get help with writing skills such as brainstorming, revision, punctuation, and usage. Submit your paper to the English Dept. Writing Center by sending it as an e-mail attachment to OWL

Online Writing Center


Academic Advisors

The Academic Advisement Center has advisors who are trained to help students individually by recommending various programs, classes, and services that are designed to assist students at Dixie State University achieve success in their chosen field.



(All forms must be filled out and printed, before being brought to the Academic Advisement Center for approval)

Academic Improvement Plan

Credit Increase Application

Reinstatement Application