Types of Training

Types of Training

New Advisor Training

The “New Advisor Training” on Canvas was created to provide a foundation of knowledge and skills for new academic advisors. This training will enable new advisors to begin working with students, and feel confident and secure in providing basic information to assist students’ academic needs.

There are distinct differences between what is expected of you as a first-year advisor and the objectives set for advisors with more experience going into their second and even third year. The first-year advisor, like yourself, shouldn’t have to memorize every institutional policy, regulation, and major requirements. You, as a first-year advisor, will “know (and/or know where to find or know who to ask) for “basic” information. That’s all that is asked. By attending the one-on-one, ongoing, specialized, and skill development trainings, you will begin to grow into a seasoned advisor quickly.

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Please contact the Assistant Director of Advisement, Katie Armstrong, at karmstrong@dixie.edu

Specialty Trainings

These trainings are offered in partnership with other departments which could include guest speakers, department chairs and/or directors, specialized coordinators and/or advisors, and Human Resources. The goal is to provide advisors with valuable information to enhance knowledge and understanding. Examples could include:

  • Admission & Scholarship Deferment
  • Argos Reporting
  • Career and Employment Services
  • College Catalog
  • Disability Resources
  • Freshman Interest Groups (FIGS)
  • Financial Aid Degree Audit
  • Financial Aid Pell Grants
  • First Year Experience (FYE)
  • Graduation Processes
  • Health & Wellness
  • Multicultural and Inclusion
  • New and Revised Policy and Procedures
  • Registrar’s Services
  • Student Rights & Responsibilities Code
  • Student Rights To Know

Please contact the Assistant Director of Advisement, Katie Armstrong, at karmstrong@dixie.edu

Skill Development Workshops/Trainings

These workshops/trainings serve to further enhance skills in the areas of academic advising and provide an opportunity for advisors to share ideas and advising best practices. Examples could be:

  • Academically Unprepared Students
  • Advising is Teaching
  • Assessment
  • Being Motivated
  • Case study review

Please contact the Assistant Director of Advisement, Katie Armstrong, at karmstrong@dixie.edu


AdvisorTrac is a powerful and complete management software for advising, counseling, financial aid, and disability resource centers for colleges and universities. AdvisorTrac is completely web-based and may be installed at your college or university or hosted by Redrock Software Corporation. Connect your registrar, information technology department, advising and counseling center directors, and other advising staff to provide a unified system to track visits to the advising centers, record and share notes about sessions, and report on student activity and progress.

Please contact Assistant Director of Advisement, Katie Armstrong, at karmstrong@dixie.edu

Degree Works

Degree Works is degree audit software that interacts with Banner to retrieve applicable data and is designed to help students and their advisors negotiate curriculum requirements in a user-friendly fashion. As an academic planning tool, with the real-time counseling capabilities, advisors are able to view current data as they provide direction to students.

For advisors, Degree Works:

  • Supports real-time delivery of academic advice through intuitive web interfaces
  • Minimizes errors through consistent degree plans
  • Supports more timely degree certification
  • Reduces paperwork and manual program check sheets
  • Supports and monitors unique program changes

Please contact the Degree Audit Systems Manager, Ellie Jones, at ejones@dixie.edu