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Who can know what information! Family Education Rights & Privacy Act of 1974 (Buckley Amendment), particularly the following information:
  1. What Dixie defines as “releasable” or “directory” information, which can be released to a third party without student’s consent.
  2. Students may request a restriction on the release of directory information by filling out a “Privacy Hold” form (must be renewed annually).
  3. Students or parents/guardians may request access to student information by completing a “Release of Information” form (must be renewed annually).
  4. All students taking courses at Dixie are protected under FERPA regardless of age. For example, parents do not have the right to access their child’s record even if the child is a minor.
  5. Forward your e-mailed certificate to kelvington@dixie.edu to gain access to Web Banner after you have completed the quz with 100% accuracy and returned the ACSA form.
FERPA Information FERPA Quiz Administrative Computing System Access Form


How to navigate and what’s on it? Self-Serve

Placement Scores

What the test scores are telling you to assist your student. Placement Score Equivalents

Transfer Courses

How to help students now that we’ve received them. Transfer Articulation In the link below, you will be taken to DSU's Human Resources Policies & Procedures Section 5.20 on Graduation to view the guidelines. Subsequent, Simultaneous, and Double Majors

Important Dates and Registration Codes

Adv Course Reg Status Codes Important Dates of the Semester Schedule

Advisor List

My Advisor List

Catalog Rights

Tricky Business! A student has catalog rights for associate degree requirements, including General Education requirements, for four (4) years beginning with the date of matriculation into any degree program as long as he/she maintains continuous enrollment by completing at least one DSU credit-bearing course each academic year. The date of matriculation is not always the same as the date of first admission. A student has catalog rights for baccalaureate degree requirements, including General Education requirements, for seven (7) years beginning with the date of matriculation into any degree program as long as s/he maintains continuous enrollment by completing at least one DSU credit-bearing course each academic year. The date of matriculation is not always the same as the date of first admission. Students with previously earned degrees from non-Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) institutions who matriculate after July 1, 2010, must meet DSU and the Utah Board of Regents minimum standards in American Institutions, English Composition, and Quantitative Literacy (Mathematics). Academic Policies and Procedures


Does your student know how to use it? Canvas is an online system for you and your students to share information, assignments, and other materials that relate to your classes and their education. You could use Canvas for online courses as well as other departments including the LIB 1010 and CIS 1200. You can use Canvas as a supplemental resource for coursework by posting course syllabi, assignments, related documents, notes, videos, web links, and updated grades where student can assess the information in a user-friendly way. Canvas also assists your students with a list of classmates in the courses so either you or your students can get in touch with each other throughout the semester for questions or even form study groups. Your individual login information for Canvas is the same as for your Dmail account as well as for the student. You and your students can access Canvas by clicking “Canvas” on the left side of the college’s website, www.dixie.edu .


Why do you need to know dmail?

Email for your use:

In obtaining your email, the department secretary will request a campus email account for you. Once it is created, you can reset your password. Vital administrative information will be sent to this email address, so it should be checked regularly and often. The direct address to email login is: mail.dixie.edu

DMAIL frequently asked questions from your students:

Q:What is Dmail?

A: Dmail is an email system used by Dixie State College that is hosted by Google. It shares the same system as the popular Gmail email client.


Q: How do I get a Dmail account?

A: Your Dmail account will be automatically created when you enroll for classes at Dixie. You don't have to do anything!


Q: What is my username and password (PIN)?

A: Your username and password will be mailed to you when you first enroll at Dixie State College. It is the same username and password as your CANVAS account. When you first login to Student Services, you will be prompted to change your password. This will also change your CANVAS and Dmail password.

Look up your Dixie ID, User name, or Campus Email Address Here (pg. 35) Faculty Handbook in Human Resource as an example

Q: How do I reset my password?

A: Do the following steps to reset the password?

  1. Navigate to Student Services Login
  2. Enter your Student ID Number, and click "Forgot PIN?"
  3. Enter the answers to your secret questions
  4. You will be prompted to set a new PIN.
  5. If you do not remember the answers to your secret questions, please call the Student Helpdesk at (435) 652-7951.
  6. You may need to wait 10-15 minutes for the password change to take effect for all of your logins.
This will reset your password for Dmail, Student Services, and computer labs!

Q: I have tried the steps above, and still cannot log-in!

A: Contact the Helpdesk at (435) 652-7951 or through email at: helpdesk@dixie.edu. Please include your full name, student ID number, and phone number when contacting the Helpdesk. Most login problems are a quick and easy fix.


Supports real-time delivery of academic advice through consistent degree plans Degree Audit/Graduation The “how-to” for your student! Policies & Procedures The traps of not knowing the rules! Any changes lately???


Where to find and how to use DSU forms. Forms


Degree Audit/Graduation


Critical information

New degrees Meeting schedule to include 4th week forums The importance of why we use Native Banner

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