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Banner Basics- GOAEMAL- E-mail Address GUAPMNU- Organize My Banner SAAADMS- Admissions Application SFAREGS- Student Course Registration SFARHST- Student Registration History and Extension SGASTDN- General Student SHACRSE- Course Summary SHADEGR- Degree and Other Formal Awards SHADIPL- Diploma Name and Address Information and the outcome status of degrees and certificates SHAGAPP-Graduation Application Screen SHASUBJ- Subject Sequence History SHATATR- Transfer Course Articulation SHATERM- Term Sequence Course History SHATRNS- Transfer Course Information SOAHOLD-Hold Information SOAIDEN- Person Search SOAPCOL- Prior College SOATEST- Test Score Information SPACMNT- Person Comment SPAIDEN- Person Search SPATELE- General Person Telephone TSAAREV- Account Detail Review Form

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